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Physical Therapy Services Offered

Hands-on, manual techniques and exercises at Neighborhood Physical Therapy in Decatur

Physical Therapy is so much more than just doling out exercises for the rehabilitation of different body parts. Why throw a bunch of exercises at a shoulder if there is underlying dysfunction going on within the soft tissues/muscles and in the joint itself? You might feel better temporarily, but its usually not for long. If you don't fix the underlying problem, your symptoms will usually resurface.

I am very much a hands-on, manual physical therapist. I use a variety of manual techniques, the choice depending on what works best for you and your condition.

I will always spend time using my hands to diagnose and treat soft tissue, myofascial, joint, and nervous system dysfunctions. This will always be followed by neuromuscular reeducation techniques to help restore normal function of the muscles that control the joints in question. Then I am likely to give you very specific self joint and soft tissue mobilizations to continue as part of your home program, as well as strengthening and motor control exercises to maintain improved and efficient function.

A few of the treatment modalities that you are likely to experience with me are:

Mobilization, manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and trigger point dry needling at Neighborhood Physical Therapy in Decatur
  • joint mobilization / manipulation
  • soft tissue mobilization / myofascial release
  • therapeutic exercises appropriate for your condition
  • education regarding posture, body mechanics, sleeping positions, work place ergonomics, sports participation/preparation, and just about any other activity you may be having trouble with
  • trigger point dry needling (aka intramuscular therapy)